Natalie Kokenge Styling -cut or dye-


Using techniques that I have learned and continue to learn every day, I personalize each service for every one of my amazing clients. With 10 years of experience and a high level of continued education, I am always bringing new things to the table. 




Blurring the line between foil and color creating a lived in color with an a liveable grow out. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or dramatic difference, it can be created with my specialized technique.


Creating a personalized look for your face shape, lifestyle and goals. I use multiple methods to keep each haircut different from the next.




Extensions are the perfect way to achieve your dream hair. With customizable color and lengths, I am able to create the perfect hairstyle for you. 

Color Corrections

Everyone wants instant gratification but nothing happens over night. Creating a change while keeping the health of the hair is something I pride myself on and you'll still leave with something you love. 

Consultations are KEY, so make sure to first book a consultation for the best results.

color correction