The Stylist Behind the Shears

New to my blog? Trying to figure out who the gal behind the blog is?


Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Natalie, and today we’re getting to what’s behind the #TheShearTruth (aka, me).

  • I am from Yakima, WA ,and I’ve been in Seattle for almost 10 years, all of which I’ve been doing hair!
  • I have a beautiful fur baby (see photo!). Her name is Cali, but I call her Calzone, Large Marge, BooCali. She is my HEART.
  • I just started skateboarding! (don’t worry, I wear wrist guards)
  • I LOVE getting to know my clients, I’m all for over sharing! (gimme the dirt)
  • I love pizza and french fries
  • I love singing (I hardly shut up)
  • I LOVE when my clients over share!
  •  One time I thought I won the McDonald's monopoly :|  NOT EMBARRASSING...

Now that we’re BFFs, I’d love to play with your hair! Come visit me. Also, feel free to share a little about YOU!

Natalie Kokenge