Nat's Notes: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaaaaanges (Season Changes, that is)make my hair dry

That’s how the song goes, right? JK!


In this first edition of Nat's Notes (aka tips and tricks of the trade), we’ll be touching on a sensitive subject that lots of people experience during the change of the seasons.

Dry hair and scalp are totally normal and common during the summer, so I’m comin’ at ya with some tips that’ll help you eliminate the root cause (if you catch my...dan...drift). Sorry not sorry for those puns.



Nat's Notes

  • The obvious answer to dry hair and dry scalp is MOISTURE. If a client comes to me and has a particularly dry scalp during the summer season, I usually suggest a moisturizing regime of shampoo, conditioner and a treatment. 
  • Oribe, a luxury line we carry at MargiDavid (where I work!), has a magical moisture masque, which will heal even the driest of hair.
  • A scalp treatment is a go-to, to help rid of any pesky flakes. Come see me and I'll help you out!
  • I also recommend T/Gel (yes, the weird brown shampoo that smells funny). IT WORKS.
Natalie Kokenge